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Bio-individuality is about your unique make-up: biologically and physically, emotionally and psychologically, environmentally, spiritually, and relationally. This is the main reason why a traditional approach to therapy can be limited, and helps some people but not others.

Many psychotherapists are trained to see symptoms in clusters and problems in groupings, and to understand them from a certain lens. A therapist who is diverse and integrative in their approach would be highly skilled in tailoring a treatment to you, and getting to the root cause.

Rather than having you fit a predetermined treatment. This is the intention with this self-assessment to account for your individual needs. Also to shed some light on the areas that you’re most reactive to.  

There’s a reason why you feel the way you feel whether you’re conscious of it or not.

The Quiz also comes with a bio-individual toolbox that will give you guidance about what you can do in the short and long term based on your score.    

Get comfortable, and give yourself approximately 10 minutes to complete it. This will allow you to relax into the process and be intentional with your answers. When in doubt, go with your gut-level answer. It’s usually the most accurate.

For each statement or question, answer how frequently you have experienced the described condition or reaction in the past three months.

You got this!